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Audio Engineering

Music Magix Sound Engineering Course outline. Complete Course details will be given during the enrollment.

1) Primary DAWs that will be taught -CUBASE 8.5 Pro and LOGIC X. from basic to very advanced level. The students will be learning the most updated versions of those DAWs.

2) Ear training (Identifying the frequencies just by ears)

3) Understanding all the microphone types and behaviors, Practical way to get the best results in mic placements. We have all the top brands mics and we teach it practically on the real projects. We also teach M/S Mic Recording and M/S processing.

4) Lightning speed editing like on the go Pitch correction & Time correction of any audio. Adjusting an audio according to any BPM.

5) Advanced ways to use Melodyne.

6) Although you are not a keyboard player you will be guided to do intermediate level keyboard and rhythm programming.

7) Mixing concepts (ECR) EQ, COMPRESSION and REVERB. All the advanced tricks of crafting your sound with various EQs, leveling perfectly with compression, various tricks using reverbs. Side chaining with Ducking, DE-essing, Gating and much more. Serial compression and Newyork compression with all possible audio examples in crafting a sound.

8) Mixing with waves plugins and many other third party plugins. The amount of knowledge one acquires will be sufficient enough to work on any third party plugins as the principles work the same.

9) Electric Guitar processing and Bass guitar processing to get the fat sounds and dirty sounds!!!

10) MASTERING technique will be taught. Metering technique with K system also will be taught. As the name suggests, Mastering is a creative art like learning an instrument and effective mastering can be done only after effective ear training over years. It’s an art, which cannot be completely taught, but has to be endlessly practiced and felt. That is where you imprint your signature sound!!!

After years of practice with lots of passion on professional projects one will be able to attain new heights.

11) All the concepts will be taught to the fullest level of professionalism where the students will not be requiring additional number of years to work under somebody. They will be able to handle the studio and projects of any caliber independently.

12) Every session will be taught with exact reasons behind “on what to do and what not to do”. These example sessions make the students remember what not to do and work more creatively. Your creative strength is interdependent on technical work speed.

13) They can either make their independent setup or work under some one as a senior studio technician.

14) As the course centers only on studio level teacniques, they may not be suitable for live sound (auditorium or stage) works.

15) The highlight of this course is that you will far excel the professional needs and finish a cumbersome work at a blink of an eye while any other person is just thinking how to perform.

16) You will have extensive skills in handling projects because of our intensive training and rigorous practical sessions.

17) We advise all our students to take training on one principal western instrument like piano or guitar and western music theory as most of the terminologies in sound engineering are based on that.

18) It is just important to know the fact that if your ears are not musical all the technical knowledge that we impart has got no value!! Hence the success of the student completely depends on the passion, dedication and hard work along with our technical support.

19) We also teach piano and western music theory as an additional service. You will be able to play by sight and ears effortlessly because of our unique techniques.

20) As a student of Music Magix you will have a flourishing career in music and sound.By the end of the course we would assure you tons of knowledge and experience to walk out confidently.

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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