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Music Magix prides itself on high quality equipment and technological superiority. Our main and unique gear apart from the great infrastructure is our depth of knowledge in identification of the right choice of microphone based on the performer and the right placement of microphones which plays a vital role in the art of recording. A pair of sensitive ears that is trained for years is our unique gear for our signature sound. Finally our complete knowledge in handling the DAW software, plugins and the positive approach helps you to achieve what you need.

We own gears nothing less than the best from the range of microphones to AD DA converters like Prism. In addition to it, the highly calibrated acoustics and noise free cables help to capture clean and natural sound from the source with exceptionally high quality at a reasonable price.

DAW: Logic Pro & Cubase (Most recent versions)

Working on a Mac pro 12 core with 32 GB Ram

Prism AD DA Convertors


❖  Prism Preamp

❖  Universal Audio Preamp.

❖  Motu Preamp

❖  Digidesign 002

❖  FX processors:

❖   Lexicon MX 400 and all the best wide range of Plugins.


# State Digital Fab Filter
1 CS-EQ Fab Filter Pro-C
2 CS-Lift Fab Filter DS
3 FG-N Fab Filter G
4 FG-S Fab Filter L
5 FG-116 Fab Filter MB
6 FG-401 Fab Filter Saturn
7 FG-bomber Fab Filter Timeless
8 Revival Fab Filter Simplon
9 Trimmer Fab-Filter R
10 VCC Channel Ver 2 -
11 Schumann-5 gear guitar processor -
12 LX480 Reverb unit -
13 Virtual preamp collections from state digital -
Neumann U 87
Akg 414 XL II
Ksm 32
Shure Sm57
AT 4050
AKG C3000
Blue Reactor
SE X1R Ribbon Mic
Neumann KM 184
# Other Plugins
1 112 db all plugins NUGEN audio all plugins Izotope all plugins
2 2c-audio plugins Lexicon IK multimedia
3 Acon Digital Quick Quack HOFA
4 Plugin Alliance Relab LX480 Melodyne
5 Brainworx Softube all plugins Zplane Vielklang
6 Blue Cat Audio Voxengo Eiosis
7 East West QL spaces SPL PPMulator agent
8 SSL plugins SPC Plugins Groove Agent
9 Nomad factory all plugins Cytomic Absolute collections 2

A range of VST and AU Instruments from Kontakt, entire collections of East West like Hollywood Strings, Brass, EW Choirs, Woodwinds, Ethnic instruments,Stromdrum 2 & 3 Solo violin, Gypsy guitars and lot more for programming.

All the Mixing and Mastering plugins from Slate digital, Fabfilter, Waves, Izotope, tRacks,Nugen Audio, Plugin Alliance, Hardware Lexicon FX processors and lot more.

We keep upgrading our gears periodically based on the needs and situations.

# Speakers Head phone preamp Keyboards and Controllers Rhythm Controllers Synth
1 Mackie 896 Behringer powerplay pro XL M-Audio Axiom Pro 61 Korg Nanopad Spectrasonics
2 Yamaha MSP 5 Head phones for monitoring, mixing and mastering Korg 01/W AKAI Professional MPD-32 -
3 Adamf8 - AKG, ATH- M40fs, Beyer dynamic, Nektar Panorama P6 Stylus RMX
4 - Mix console iPad air2 Komplete Kontrol S61
Nektar Panorama P6
Maschine studio Trillion
First Second Third

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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