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Music Fundamentals

You will need a minimum formal music training or experience on one principal instrument or vocals and good working knowledge/familiarity with the written fundamentals of music theory (including rhythmic notation, melodic notation in treble and bass clefs, key signatures, major and minor scales, intervals, and construction of triads and seventh chords). It’s important that your musical abilities and writing, theory, and ear training skills are at a compatible level.

Key features of Music Magix :

Music Magix Advanced Music Production course curriculum is second to none as the course is entirely designed exclusively for the next generation music producers and song writers Helps to make dreams come true as the students get an opportunity to explore the professional way of using the tools.

The teaching methodology is completely made like an interesting story line with real life examples to memorize and conceptualize instead of learning a complicated theory of math & physics.

Sound engineering and Music production tools consist of lots of complicated workflow which have to be learnt and experimented and cannot be experimented and learnt on your own because it takes more than a life time to understand how it works. It can be understood only by direct teaching by a professional engineer.

The success of a student purely depends on the individual’s passion, involvement and commitment during the entire course and also how he continues to be focused on the same framework of mind.

Musically trained engineers will always far excel in music production and sound engineering programs in the long run as they can see the full emotional picture of music instead of assembling music with fragments of sounds.

Mixing is not just an art of balancing sounds. It is an art of building an emotional story-line for the entire song with the frequencies that human ears can enjoy.

Ears are one of the best priceless monitoring tools for mixing a song. So invest time to tune your ears rather than buying the best gadgets that you are capable of investing.

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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