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Which course do I choose

When there are lots of courses offered in the field of music and sound production around the world most of the students are perplexed to choose the right course according to their requirement.

The reason behind is that neither they have prior knowledge on what they are going to study nor do they know where they are naturally talented & skillful. Most of the confusions take place because of wrong guidance, assumptions, half cooked knowledge and lack of directions.

Common misconceptions :

1) There are many people who are highly software dependent (DAWs) and think that learning a specific DAW would fetch them a big job or big money. First of all one needs to understand that all the DAWs are more or less the same with a different skin on it. Learning one DAW in-depth enables to work independent of being a slave of any DAWs.

2) One need not be a fast piano player to become a great programmer.

3) Learning sound engineering concepts in-depth without sharpening musical skills would not lead them to big success in the long run.

4) If one doesn’t possess musical knowledge or sense, he will not be able to become a successful engineer in a musical studio. Perhaps he will be able to work in a dubbing studio, radios etc.

5) Like medicine you have lots of branches and specialization in the field of music and sound. For example one may be deeply interested in Studio Production, Music production, Live sound engineering, Acoustical engineering, DJ and much more.

6) Before choosing any of these subjects, you can have discussion regarding what this course is all about and where you will be after the course.

7) Ensure whether the course will be beneficial to you and do not take up the course just because someone suggested to do so.

8) If you want to work in radio, or as a dubbing engineer or foley engineer you may not require a one year course.

9) Remember, learning a bit of everything is not going to yield you anything. Be specific on what you want to learn so that you can earn.

10)Practical learning means getting exposed to the practical projects and not just working on a system on your own.

11) One common misconception is that, one can learn every thing on their own using a computer, software and small infrastructure. Definitely not. It is as technical and as complicated as a heart surgery. Without proper guidance, infrastructure and the right technical information,you will not be able to meet the required commercial standards.

12) It is always better to have a clear route map of your destination instead of trying it all alone wasting your productive time for the entire life. We help students to take only what is required according to their potential and impart knowledge accordingly.

13) The success in the field of sound engineering purely depends on one’s ability to feel and does not depend on only technical capability.

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"So let your knowledge act as a base and your experience as a root for success in your musical journey."

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